SpringBoot 1.2.0.RELEASE 부터 추가된 @SpringBootApplication.

 * Indicates a {@link Configuration configuration} class that declares one or more
 * {@link Bean @Bean} methods and also triggers {@link EnableAutoConfiguration
 * auto-configuration} and {@link ComponentScan component scanning}. This is a convenience
 * annotation that is equivalent to declaring {@code @Configuration},
 * {@code @EnableAutoConfiguration} and {@code @ComponentScan}.
 * @author Phillip Webb
 * @since 1.2.0
public @interface SpringBootApplication {


1.1.9.RELEASE 까지는 Application Endpoint에 클래스에

public class Application{

3개 애노테이션을 사용해야했던 것을 하나로 줄여주었다.

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